The Swedish Luncheon Club (Svenska Lunchgänget) has 60 members who all enjoy to share a few hours with each other. Of these 60 members some have been made Lifetime members for their contributions to the Club - some of them are members of the Swedish Foreign Service, Trade Commissioners etc. - other members of large Swedish corporations. Some still live in America, but most of them are scattered all over the world.

The requirements to become a member of the group is that you have to be able to speak Swedish. You don't have to be Swedish Citizen - many of our members are American citizens.. or Norwegian, Finish and Danish. Your profession or social status is not important - once a member you are just a "guy among guys".. peers around the table. Business we leave at the office. Have fun... - tell a joke or two... have a good appetite... maintain a good control of your liquid habits... and you will fit right in. We are together to have fun... share some laughs, enjoy a Swedish meal... and establish friendship.

In December we have a Christmas Lunch with as many Swedish dishes as our chef can create (it is always good) - and in August we have a traditional Crayfish Lunch. We also have a yearly Golf Tournament.

Our second Friday

As mentioned - the second Friday of every month we get together at noon at Culver Hotel in Culver City. Chef Michael always prepare a Scandinavian lunch so we always eat the “real deal”. Conversations varies... sports... politics... everything. At 1 PM we start eating and have our first - but not last - "snaps"to the tones of a Swedish Drinking song from our own Song Book. We love to sing - so this is repeated several times. During the Coffee "new faces" are introduced and jokes begin to float around the table.











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